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NuCrane Hosts Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, March 31, 2010

Bill Burns, President, PaR Nuclear and Tom Weir, Vice President, AP1000 U.S. Projects, Westinghouse Electric Company, welcome Governor Tim Pawlenty to NuCrane

Governor Pawlenty in discussion with Tom Weir and Dan McElroy, Commissioner, Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) about NuCrane’s role in the global nuclear renaissance

Tom Weir presents nuclear energy’s global growth opportunities to Tom Daggett, President, Hutchinson Manufacturing, Inc. (HMI), Bill Burns, Governor Pawlenty and Commissioner McElroy

Tom Daggett, Bill Burns, Tom Weir and Governor Pawlenty share a laugh during the discussion

Governor Pawlenty receives a tour of the NuCrane manufacturing floor from Bill Burns and Tom Weir

NuCrane employees show Governor Pawlenty a recently purchased welding machine

The group poses for a photo in front of a girder panel. Left to right: Bill Burns, Governor Pawlenty, Tom Weir, Tom, Daggett, Commissioner McElroy and Minnesota House District 18A Representative Ron Shimanski

Bill Burns and Warren Baumbarger, NuCrane Production Manager, say farewell to Governor Pawlenty