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NuCrane Manufacturing, LLC is a joint venture company between PaR Nuclear, Inc. and Hutchinson Manufacturing, Inc. NuCrane Manufacturing will provide fabrication, assembly and testing services for cranes delivered to new nuclear power plants worldwide, including Westinghouse Electric Company’s Generation III+ AP1000TM.

The NuCrane facility is designed to manufacture large overhead cranes used primarily in the nuclear industry. With the global renewed emphasis on nuclear energy to reduce the release of greenhouse gases, this building will play a vital role in providing cranes for new nuclear power plants worldwide.

The main building has approximately 51,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space with two large bays that are 70 feet by 300 feet. The bays each have two 75-ton overhead cranes to lift the large fabricated components of the nuclear cranes. Some of the nuclear cranes to be manufactured weigh in excess of one million pounds each.

A typical nuclear power plant uses 40 cranes in various roles. The NuCrane plant will focus on the 16 specialty cranes for the U.S. AP1000TM market as well as specialty cranes for other U.S and global customers. The facility started manufacturing April 5, 2010. The first manufactured cranes are scheduled to ship in mid-2011.

The manufacturing floor has two bays: 300' long x 70' wide. Each bay has a subassembly area and an assembly and test area.