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NuCrane Manufacturing is capable of providing fabrication, assembly and testing services for any crane in any nuclear plant, PWR or BWR, and for replacement trolleys and other major upgrades of cranes in existing plants. For the new plant market specifically, NuCrane will provide the 16 specialty cranes in each AP1000TM plant and specialty cranes found in other types of plants.

Polar Crane

Polar cranes operate on circular rails, and are used in Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Nuclear Power Plants to lift reactor heads, reactor internals, and a multitude of lighter loads during refueling outages. (In some plants the polar crane is also used to lift the reactor vessel itself and the steam generators during plant construction.) The AP1000TM polar crane has a main hoist capacity of 300 tons and an auxiliary hoist rated at 25 tons. Both hoists are single failure proof, meaning that no single credible component failure will cause the crane to drop its load. The bridge has a rated capacity of 800 tons to enable it to support special construction lifting equipment if necessary. Note the size of this crane by comparing it with the size of the people in the picture. The AP1000TM polar crane is 124 feet long, 44 feet wide, and weighs more than 1 million pounds.

Cask Handling Crane

Cask Handling Cranes operate in the auxiliary building (fuel building) of PWR plants. The main hoist is used primarily to handle spent fuel transfer or storage casks that remove spent fuel from the plant. The auxiliary hoist is used to handle new fuel assemblies when they are delivered to the plant, as well as for various smaller lifts in the auxiliary building. The AP1000TM cask crane is 150/10 ton capacity. Both hoists are single failure proof.

Reactor Building Crane

In BWR plants, the reactor and the spent fuel storage pool are in the same building. Their Reactor Building Cranes run on parallel rails and serve the combined purposes of the polar crane and cask handling crane in a PWR. Therefore the crane handles the reactor head, reactor internals, spent fuel casks, and various other loads. Typically reactor building cranes have a main hoist capacity in the range of 150 tons, and auxiliary hoist of 5 to 10 tons, and a bridge span of about 130 feet. They are usually single failure proof.

Turbine Building Crane

The AP1000TM turbine building contains two cranes: a 220/25 ton crane on an upper runway and a 15 ton crane on a lower runway. Both have long bridge spans, in the range of 120 feet. The big crane is sized to handle the main components of the turbine/generators for installation and maintenance. Both cranes handle a variety of smaller loads during plant operations and outages. Turbine building cranes are not typically single failure proof, but are conservatively designed for load-handling safety and reliability.

Rail Car Bay Crane

The Rail Car Bay Crane for the AP1000TM operates in a shipping bay in the auxiliary building (below the cask handling crane) where trucks or rail cars deliver new fuel assemblies to the plant. It is a small crane (10 ton capacity, 18 foot span) specially designed to maximize hook coverage in the bay while operating under tight space constraints.

Hatch Hoists

The AP1000TM has two hatch hoists in the containment building, for raising and lowering the covers of the equipment hatch and the maintenance hatch. The hatch hoists are single failure proof and have a capacity of 13.5 tons. They are mounted on supports attached to the containment wall above the hatch covers.

Other Cranes and Hoists

In addition to the major cranes, each AP1000TM unit includes the following cranes and hoists:

  • Two Personnel Hoists (in the annulus, the space between the steel containment vessel and the concrete shield building)
  • Two Baffle Hoists (also in the annulus)
  • Annex Building Staging Area Crane
  • Annex Building Hot Machine Shop Crane
  • Mobile Systems Facility (Radwaste) Crane
  • Two Steam Generator Jib Cranes

Single Failure Proof Trolley

Polar Crane Lifting Reactor Vessel

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AP1000 Polar Crane and Cask Handling Crane Production